Workshop Malingering

När: 22 augusti 2017, kl: 09:00
Plats: Danderyds sjukhus - föreläsningssal Hjärtat
Pris: 1600,00 kr för medlem / 2000,00 kr för övriga
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Bokningsbar t o m: 2017-08-18
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Sveriges Neuropsykologers förening, östra regionen, anordnar en heldags-workshop med Dr Mike Chafetz från USA. Ämnet för workshopen är malingering (simulering), dvs påhittade, eller kraftigt överdrivna symtom och/eller funktionsnedsättningar (se nedan för detaljerad beskrivning av innehåll).  

Workshopen riktar sig främst till psykologer, samt PTP-psykologer, men andra yrkesgrupper kan också anmäla sig.

Datum: Tisdagen den 22 augusti, 2017

Tid: 09:00 till 16:00

Plats: Föreläsningssal Hjärtat på Danderyds sjukhus - Hus 18, plan 5. 

Lunch och fika ingår. Meddela specialkost vid bokningen.

Anmälan är bindande, men kan överlåtas vid eventuellt förhinder.

Dr. Michael Chafetz is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist working in independent practice in New Orleans, LA, USA.  His research program has involved validity assessment in low functioning children and adults being assessed for Social Security Disability, state rehabilitation, and child protection. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles on these topics, challenging assumptions concerning individuals with intellectual disability. In 2015, his book on Intellectual Disability in the forensic arena was published by Oxford University Press. He has consulted for a United States Senator on Social Security policy concerning validity assessment, testified at hearings at the Institute of Medicine, and consulted for the Office of the Inspector General on these issues. He has presented invited addresses at the American Psychological Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology, American Academy of Clinical Psychology, several state psychological associations, the Association of Administrative Law Judges, the Federal Administrative Law Judge Conference, and various bar associations. The work being presented today derived from his research, and the research of various colleagues in the field.  Dr. Chafetz is delighted to be interacting with Swedish colleagues and is appreciative of being invited.


1. Definitions and historic background of malingering and its measurement: Definitions; adaptation; smoking gun; human cultural roots; biological bases; society's concerns
2. Rigorous development of the field: Guiding publications; base-rates; doing the math (malingering as a probability proposition); personal note on my entry into this field; development of free-standing versus embedded indicators
3. Ethics and boundaries: Who is the client?; no doctor-patient relationship; informed consent; communicating invalid versus malingering; anti-biasing; patients have hidden agendas (cleaning up in the front of the case); attorney cases; the problem of low IQ
4. The Special Problem of Low IQ: Capital cases in the US; Social Security Disability in the US; what to do in individual cases; on the horns of a dilemma (very low IQ and malingering)
5. Malingered Pain-Related Disability: Guidelines and criteria revisited; spinal disc herniation and pain; other barriers to work; assessment; pain coping issues.
6. Costs of Malingering: How to count?; mental vs physical; rising disability with rising unemployment in US
7. When non-credible is NOT malingering: self-deception versus other-deception; somatoform disorders; factitious disorders; How do you adduce evidence?
8. Malingering in Children: Malingering-by-proxy (also: by-animal-proxy); disability base-rates; illustration of child cases; engine of the parents' economy; new guidelines for reporting child abuse
9. Interesting cases - yours and mine: One child case above, and two more adult cases; your cases in Sweden.
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